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SCS Quick Start gives your team the immediate opportunity to validate SCS’s ability to score your no-file or thin-file prospects. With Quick Start, you’ll be able to confidently and quickly understand metadata-based scoring’s ability to safely qualify new consumers at no cost.
The Fine Print
You will have no cost, view-only access to the portal for a period of 15 days.
You can convert to full access within the portal with a credit card.
What You Get:
  • Access to the SCS branded app that your customers can immediately download from the Google Play store
  • Capped number of instant score credits at no cost
  • Consent based, out of the box metadata-based scoring
  • Dashboard showing customer-consented scoring data captured at the customer level
  • Immediate proof of value for metadata-based scoring of new to credit populations
  • Ability to view data collected and to assess viability for integration into your existing lending process
  • No contracts or budget required - get the results needed to build a business case for wider adoption
  • Let your rep know you would like to sign up and they will provision your Quick Start Account.
  • You will receive an email with the shareable URL for your customers to download the mobile app from Google Play and the unique code for them to activate scoring linked to your organization. 
  • As your customers download the app and click to score themselves you can see the live results in the web portal. 
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