Service Level Agreement

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Date: February 2022


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between SCS Digital, Inc. (“SCS”, “us” or “we”) and users of the SCS Services (“you”) governs the use of the SCS Services under the provisions of the SCS Terms of Service (the “Terms”).

Unless otherwise provided herein, this SLA is subject to the provisions of the Terms.

I.              SCS Service Commitment: 99.9% Uptime

SCS will use commercially reasonable efforts to make your SCS Services available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9% during any monthly billing cycle (the “Service Commitment”). Subject to the SLA Exclusions, if we do not meet the Service Commitment, you will be eligible to receive a Service Credit.

Availability is calculated based on the following formula:

A = (T - M - D) / (T - M) x 100%

A = Availability

T = Total Monthly Minutes

M = Scheduled Downtime

D = Downtime

II.            Definitions

“Error(s)” means a reproducible defect, problem, logical error or bug in the SCS Services that constitutes a failure to comply materially with the applicable Documentation or specification.

“Maintenance” means Scheduled Unavailability of the SCS Services, as announced by us prior to the Services becoming Unavailable.

“Monthly Uptime Percentage” is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of minutes during the month in which the SCS Services were Unavailable. Monthly Uptime Percentage measurements exclude downtime resulting directly or indirectly from any SLA Exclusion.

“Service Credit” means a credit denominated in US dollars, calculated as set forth below, that we may credit back to an eligible account.

“SCS Services” means the SCS Software and/or the SCS SaaS Services.  The SCS Software is typically delivered as either (1) an operating system specific SDK that is integrated into Customer’s mobile application or (2) SCS’s mobile application.  The SCS SaaS Services are provided as a secure web-based API.

“Unavailable” and “Unavailability” mean, when the SCS Services are not running or not reachable due to SCS’s fault. 

“Update” means any code in any form, provided by SCS, where such code is a bug fix, patch, error correction, or minor functionality additions or changes to the SCS Services, as identified by a change in the version number to the right of the decimal point.

“Upgrade” means any code in any form, related to the SCS Services, where such code provides substantial added functionality or enhancements, as identified by a change in the version number to the left of the decimal point. 


The table below sets forth the methodology utilized by SCS in triaging, evaluating, and addressing Customer and User problems related to the functionality of the SCS Services. Classification will be determined at SCS’s sole discretion based on a variety of factors, including input obtained from the Customer and User. 



In the event that Customer believes there is an Error in the SCS Software and/or SCS SaaS Services, Customer will communicate a reasonable description of the Error to SCS’s support team. SCS will acknowledge the notice with a ticket number (“ticket”) and assign appropriate resources to respond to the report as specified in the above response expectation table.

The following response table specifies response targets that will be assigned to a Customer reported Error, based on the severity classification assigned to the report. SCS will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Customer reported Errors in the estimated time frames set forth below.





Email Support 

Customer may contact SCS support by sending a detailed email to


Customer may document and report all suspected Errors in the SCS Services to SCS and must be available to participate with SCS in its investigation. SCS will acknowledge the notice with a ticket number and make commercially reasonable efforts to assign appropriate resources to resolve the problem or provide a workaround. Customer can use their ticket number to track the status of any confirmed Error or malfunction in the SCS Services. In the event that a confirmed Error is discovered in the SCS Services, Customer must provide a reasonable description of the Error to SCS’s support team so that SCS may classify the Error accordingly. Failure of Customer to respond to SCS requests for a period of five business days may result in the support ticket being closed. Customer may create a new ticket at any time.

Support Services do not include on-site support, system design and consulting (redesigning, reprogramming, or reconfiguring Customer’s network or software), software development, project management, facility management, user training, or support for incompatible products or third-party suppliers’ products.

V.            Service Commitments and Service Credits

Service Credits are calculated as a percentage of the total charges due on your SCS invoice for the monthly billing cycle in which the Unavailability occurred, applied proportionally to the Services that were Unavailable, in accordance with the Schedule below:

For Monthly Uptime Percentage less than 99.9% but equal to or greater than 99.0%, you will be eligible for a Service Credit of 10% of the charges attributable to the affected resources

For Monthly Uptime Percentage less than 99.0%, you will be eligible for a Service Credit of 30% of the charges attributable to the affected resources.

We will apply any Service Credits only against future payments for the Services otherwise due from you. At our discretion, we may issue the Service Credit to the credit card you used to pay for the billing cycle in which the Unavailability occurred. Service Credits will not entitle you to any refund or other payment from SCS. A Service Credit will be applicable and issued only if the credit amount for the applicable monthly billing cycle is greater than one dollar ($1 USD). Service Credits may not be transferred or applied to any other account.

VI.          Maintenance

As part of basic Maintenance and Support Services, SCS will provide Customer access to all generally available Updates and Upgrades to the SCS Software and/or SCS SaaS Services that are released during the Support Term.  SCS will provide to Customer copies of all Updates, Upgrades and related documentation when SCS makes such Updates and Upgrades generally commercially available to licensees of the SCS Software and/or SCS SaaS Services under Maintenance and Support Services.  Customer is responsible for making such Updates and Upgrades available to its Users.

VII.        Sole Remedy

Unless otherwise provided in the Terms, your sole and exclusive remedy for any unavailability, non-performance, or other failure by us to provide the Services is the receipt of a Service Credit (if eligible) in accordance with the terms of this SLA.

VIII.     Credit Request and Payment Procedures

To receive a Service Credit, you must submit a claim by emailing To be eligible, the credit request must be received by us by the end of the second billing cycle after which the incident occurred and must include:

  • the words “SLA Credit Request” in the subject line;

  • the dates and times of each Unavailability incident that you are claiming;

  • the account handle(s); and

  • logs that document the errors and corroborate your claimed outage (any confidential or sensitive information in these logs should be removed or replaced with asterisks).


If the Monthly Uptime Percentage of such request is confirmed by us and is less than the Service Commitment, then we will issue the Service Credit to you within one billing cycle following the month in which your request is confirmed by us. Your failure to provide the request and other information as required above will disqualify you from receiving a Service Credit.

IX.          SLA Exclusions

The Service Commitment does not apply to any Unavailability:

  • Caused by factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event, Internet access, or problems beyond the demarcation point of the SCS network;

  • That results from any actions or inactions of you or any third party;

  • That results from the equipment, software or other technology of you or any third party (other than third party equipment within our direct control);

  • Caused by Customer’s failure to implement corrections, bug fixes, Updates or Upgrades supplied by SCS which would correct the Error and were previously supplied to Customer by SCS

  • Caused by modifications to the SCS Services made by or on behalf of Customer, or to any modifications made by any third party without SCS’s express written authorization 

  • That results from any Maintenance.


If availability is impacted by factors other than those used in our Monthly Uptime Percentage calculation, then we may issue a Service Credit considering such factors at our discretion.